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Sound Ideas #92 - Fresh Sounds
The jazz portfolio is a vast one with contributions from a century of performance and recording. Every once in a while someone "in the know" will make the proclamation that jazz is dead, and that everything there is to be done has been done. I beg to differ, as jazz or "social music", Miles' prefered moniker, will never run out of something new to say as long as there is the human experience on which it is based. In this hour we will listen to a few recent recordings, all representing the last 1% of jazz history to date. As you will hear, there is still plenty to "talk" about.
Artist Track Album
John B Williams Sister Sadie African Queen
Hendrick Meurkins SKJ Harmonicus Rex
Nicolas Bearde Maiden Voyage Invitation
Herlin Riley The Big Banana New Direction
Jim Rotondi Dark Blue Dark Blue
Dr. Lonnie Smith African Suite Evolution
The Bad Plus & Joshua Redman Friend or Foe The Bad Plus Joshua Redman