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Sound Ideas #30 - Rent Party
Welcome to a rent party, an hour of food, drink, fun, and of course, swinging Jazz. Thanks for stopping by.
Artist Track Album
Louis Jordan Saturday Night Fish Fry Best of Louis Jordan
Bob Dorough Fish for Supper Too Much Coffee Man
New Guitar Summit Flying Home Retrospective
Oscar Peterson and Clark Terry Blues for Smedley Oscar Peterson Trio +1
Count Basie Belly Roll Lil 'ol Groovemaker
Cyrus Chestnut Brother Hawky Hawk Soul Food
Dave Frishberg Let's Eat Home Let's Eat Home
Duke Robillard Shuffling with Some BBQ Swing
Joey Defranceso Red Top Where Were You?
Monty Alexander Battle Hymn of the Republic Live at Montreux

Back in the past of grand jazz lore, the rent party was a quintessential part of the musician's life. As many were under- or un-employed, the rent party was a musician's equivalent of a modern day PBS fundraiser. Fellow musicians, cooks, waiters, comics, et al would come together and have an informal dinner club atmosphere in the apartment and charge admission to outsiders to raise the rent money. Assuming that the party did not get out of hand and lead to a raid, a good time could be had by all. Of course, as Louis Jordan points out, this wasn't always how things panned out.

We'll hear from a variety of experts on fish, chicken, BBQ, cornbread, drink, good time feelings, and a swinging good time. The music conveys a good time, as that's what a party is all about. Yet at the same time, the goal of extending the rights to sleep in one's pad for another 30 days is a joyous achievement and worthy of celebration. Even if you'd never attended a rent party, or hopefully never had to throw one, the good times are there to be had, just don't get caught in the dragnet should things get a just a tad out of order.