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Sound Ideas #18 - Blue Hue Review No. 2
Welcome to another blue hue review. With a new year at hand, it's time to put some strategic thought in action;  the honesty and experience of the blues are a requisite perspective in assembling our action plan for the new year.
Artist Track Album
Little Charlie and the Nightcats Never Trust a Woman Shadow of the Blues
Stevie Ray Vaughn May Had a Little Lamb Texas Flood
Buddy Guy Rememberin' Stevie Damn Right I Have the Blues
John Lee Hooker Shake it Baby Ultimate Collection: 1948-1990
Koko Taylor I'm a Woman Got the Blues 2
James Cotton Two Trains Running Deep in the Blues
Johnny Otis Deceivin' Blues The Complete Savoy Sessions
Ray Charles Mess Around Ray!
Count Basie and Joe Williams Every Day I Have the Blues Count Basie Swings, Joe Williams Sings
Johnny Otis Walkin' Shoe Blues The Complete Savoy Sessions
Professor Longhair It's My Fault Crawfish Fiesta
Little Charlie and the Nightcats Smart Like Einstein Captured Live!

Charlie Baty messages a life of experience through his guitar playing and Rick Estrin puts to lyric some sage advice garnered from years of living. Stevie Ray gives us a modern interpretation of a childhood rhyme while Bubby honors the loss of Stevie.

John Lee and Koko contrast the two sides of the gender equation while James remind us that there are always two trains running either on or off of the track. Johnny Otis and Ray Charles teach us the result of our at times foolish ways while the Count and Joe lament the current state of affairs.

Roy Byrd, aka Professor Longhair comes to the realization of all of his troubles while Rick and Charlie enlighten us that regardless of all permutations and rationalizations that we can dream up, our reality is probably a bit more down to earth than our dreams would lead us to believe.

The blues are multifaceted and with a hue for most any circumstance that you may experience. While the blues is an honest balm that might at times seem uncomfortable to apply, its dedication to honesty rises to the occasion and helps us right our course and see that maybe things aren't quite as bad as they seem, and that tomorrow is a new day in which we can strive to do better than the last.