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Sound Ideas #9 - Favorite Chair
Thanks for checking us out. This hour is like a favorite chair. Why a chair is a particular favorite rarely has a single reason, rather it's an amalgamation of feeling, memory, texture, specific events, etc. While each piece of music stands on its own merits, the experience of an hour passing by, is marked by the ebbing and flowing sum of the parts, where the total is greater than the sum of its parts. 
Artist Track Album
Stanley Turrentine Ah Rio Straight Ahead
Brad Mehldau When it Rains Largo
Boz Scaggs Invitation Speak Low
Gerry Mulligan and Thelonious Monk I Mean You Mulligan Meets Monk
Jimmy Smith Minor Chant Retrospective
Kurt Elling The More I Have You Man in the Air
Marcus Roberts Preach Reverend Preach If I Could be with You
Stan Kenton Formula SK-32 Adventures in Blues
Stanley Turrentine Sugar Sugar
Stanley Turrentine's tenor sax has always been instantly recognizable. When you hear it, there's no doubt it's Mister T. After a series of more commercially focused recordings in the late 1970s, Straight Ahead marked a return of Mister T to his roots.

Brad Mehldau is one of the more creative pianists of the first decade of the 21st century. Listen or better yet experience the mood shifts through his playing and then transition into the mellow tones of Boz Scaggs, an FM-radio staple of the 1970s. I think it is physiologically impossible to listen to his voice and remain stressed. Another creative pairing, Mulligan and Monk, two innovators with largely separate careers but with an obvious affection for each other's creativity.

Jimmy Smith sails up and Kurt Elling gracefully descends the mood followed by Marcus Roberts musically exhorting us to sit up in our chair and pay attention before Stan Kenton lushly transports us to somewhere of which I am not exactly sure.

Just before we dose off in our easy chair, Stanley Turrentine spins us a bittersweet story but one with an infectious groove. Our time in the chair may come to end once again, but as the good friend that it is, it will be there the next time. And our musical friends will be there too.