KCHO Sunday Nite

KCHO Sunday Nite premiered in the fall of 1986 as a tip of the hat to the older era of radio that I remembered as a youth. This show was a combination of jazz, comedy, radio drama, science fiction, studio guests, and live jazz performances all produced from within the confines of our small Studio B in the basement of the CSU, Chico Merriam Library.

October 18, 1987

This episode captured two of the half hour radio dramas that were often featured as part of KCHOSUN.

Visit New Grimston, Anyway was an elaborate satire on big city government and bureaucracy of the 1980s. It was produced by NPR Playhouse.

The Incredible Adventures of Jack Flanders was a ZBS Foundation production that began with the unexpected late-night delivery of an overstuffed green velvet armchair to Jack Flanders, courtesy of "Venus Velvet". Falling asleep in this armchair draws Jack into a sometimes amusing, sometimes nightmarish dream world populated by sky pirates crewing winged sailing ships, winged reptilian "fromborks", mad sorcerers dueling in mechanical demons, tap dancing marsh wizards who assist Jack in his negotiations with the Lords of Death.

The surviving recording captured 2:35:07 of this evening's show from about 9:08pm - 11:47 pm.

Artist Track Album
Freddie Hubbard Up Jumped Spring (partial) Born to be Blue
Wynton Marsalis April in Paris Marsalis Standard Time
Steve Allen Steve Allen and Johnny Carson More Funny Fone Calls
Miles Davis Israel Birth of the Cool
Cannonball Adderley West Coast Blues Alabama/Africa
Ben Sidran Piano Players Old Songs for the new Depression
Herb Ellis Gravy Waltz Softly but with that Feel...
Horace Sliver Home Cookin' The Stylings of Silver
Dr. Science #934 Ask Dr. Science
Bob Mintzer Flying Incredible Journey
Visit New Grimston, Anyway #7 NPR Playhouse
Quincy Jones Killer Joe Walking in Space
Dizzy Gillespie Wheatleigh Hall To a Finland Station
Homemade Radio #55 (Sugar) Duck's Breath Homemade Radio
Ron McCroby Puccul While You Work Plays Puccolo
Milt Jackson It Don't Mean a Thing It Don't Mean a Thing if You Can't Tap Your Foot to it
Bill Cosby Buck Buck Revenge
Stanley Turrentine Jubilee Shots Jubilee Shots
Homemade Radio Millionaire Bootcamp Born to be Tiled
Herbie Hancock Blind Man Blind Man My Point of View
The Incredible Adventures of Jack Flanders #10 (partial) ZBS Productions